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Curious about the ketogenic diet but turned off by all the meat and dairy? Are you struggling with brain fog, blood sugar problems, cravings, fatigue, weight loss resistance, or chronic inflammation? Take action on your health and learn key plant-based and ketogenic principles to reverse ongoing health problems, naturally, through the best of plant-based ketogenic food medicines.

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We live in a world where healthcare means running basic labs that don’t find the root issue and instead provide a growing list of medications to cover up symptoms. Start to finally understand why you feel the way you do and discover what it takes to get on the path to true health.

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Video Masterclass
Video Course Introduction
Introduction to Dr. Will Cole 1:12min
What This Course Is About and How It Can Help You 0:38min
Roadmap To This Course 0:57min
The Pros + Cons of Ketogenic Diets
What is a Ketogenic Diet? 2:21min
Five Types Of Keto Diets 3:10min
The Benefits of Going Keto 9:53min
The Problems Of Going Keto 6:02min
The Pros + Cons Of Plant-Based Diets
The Rise Of Plant-Based Diets 1:26min
The Benefits of Going Plant-Based 4:58min
The Problems of Going Plant-Based 7:41min
Nutrient Deficiencies in Plant-Based Diets 10:06min
The Future Of Keto – The Best Of Both Worlds
My Journey From Traditional Veganism to Plant-Based Keto 6:27min
Bringing It All Together 2:20min
Why Ketotarian is the Answer 2:37min
The Plant-Based Keto Kitchen
Plant-Based Keto Principles 0:33min
Healthy Fats 0:57min
Nuts and Seeds 0:59min
Pasture-Raised Eggs 1:25min
Plant Protein 1:02min
Vegetables 0:44min
Beverages 1:13min
Baking 0:22min
Lower-Fructose Fruits 0:19min
Low-Carb Natural Sweeteners 0:18min
Vegaquarian 1:42min
Foods to Avoid 0:58min
Everyday Plant-Based Keto
Restaurant Success 2:46min
Making Plant-Based Keto Work For You 2:02min
First Steps For Plant-Based Ketogenic Success
Mindful Eating 1:52min
Personalizing Macronutrients 3:48min
Testing 5:36min
Tricks For Getting Into Ketosis 4:24min
How To Elevate The Benefits of Plant-Based Keto
Intermittent Fasting 0:57min
Ways to Intermittent Fast 1:49min
Special Considerations 1:37min
Supplements 11:12min
Plant-Based Keto Cooking
Falafel 1:29min
Pad Thai 1:30min
Sheet Pan Veggies with Nut-Free Olive-Basil Pesto 2:25min
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